Deposit for Academic Year 2019/2020

The management of Masaryk dormitory would like to inform you, that the interest in the allocated accommodation must be confirmed by the applicant by paying the deposit to the provider’s account till 26th of July 2019. The amount of the deposit is defined at 3500 CZK. For more information, please, contact the reception of Masaryk dormitory.

Container for bulky waste

The management of Masaryk dormitory would like to inform you, that from 19.06.2019 till 03.07.2019 there will be available large container for bulky waste near to the entrance from a parking lot. Container is available for all accommodated students.

Summer Barbecue Party

Student club Masarka would like to invite you to the summer barbecue party, which will be held on Thursday 27th June 2019 from 4PM to 10PM at the Masaryk dormitory backyard grill. There will be provided free grilled meals and beer.


All students accommodated at the Masaryk dormitory, that have a reservation on the next semester, but are not staying at the dormitory during summer holidays, may store their things at storerooms. The capacity of storerooms is limited, therefore we ask you, to store only necessary things.

If you want to store your things, please contact us on the email below:

We only accept items that are properly packed in boxes or luggage.

If things are not packed properly, the storeroom administrator can refuse to store them.

Each stored box or luggage must be properly signed and contain the following information:

  • name
  • contact e-mail or phone number
  • room number at Masaryk dormitory
  • pickup date

Please note, that we are not responsible for things stored at storerooms and we highly recommend to do not store any valuable items.

Things are stored in the storeroom for free and for a fixed period. If you do not pick up stored things within the specified period and do not respond to the pick-up calls, they will become the property of the club.

We accept suitcases, boxes and bags with zip.
Each of them should be labeled with required information (see below).

We don’t accept bags without zip.

Election results

The following candidates have been elected to the new Masarka club Board.

1Varvara Muzovatova20
2Vladimír Vlčák17
3Aleš Vlk14
4Roland Karlubík12
5Oleg Ostashchuk10
6Stefan Boškovic10

Election Committee: Barbora Bašková, Martin Čerňan, Ján Oravec