The interruption of hot water supply

The management of Masaryk dormitory would like to inform you about interruption of hot water supply 23.08.2021 00:00 – 28.08.2021 22:00 due to regular maintenance works.

There will be a spare shared bathroom with hot water. The key you can get at the reception

Masarka Club Board Election 2021

Chairman of club Masarka Oleg Ostashchuk declares election to the Board of Masarka club, according to the rules of CTU Student Union and internal regulations of Masarka club. The members of club can send their candidature till 02.05.2021.

According to regulations of Masarka club, Board has from 5 to 7 members:

  • Chairman
  • Vice-Chairman
  • Others

In these elections, seven members will be elected.

Schedule of election:

Decleration of election23.04.2021
Applications of candidates23.04. – 02.05.2021 23:59
Publication of accepted candidates / Electronic election03.05. – 09.05.2021 23:59
Discussion with candidates04.05.2021
Result announcement10.05.2021
Start of the Board’s term of office25.05.2021
Board meeting date suggestion27.05.2021

The candidature must include: name, surname, member ID, email and agreement of candidature into Board of Masarka club

The candidature may include: small sized photo, address to election website of candidate and brief political program

Candidatures should be sent in PDF format in a readable size after being printed on A5 format. Applications will be accepted till 02.05.2021 23:59 on email address “”. All sent data will be published on election webpage and Masarka board.

Fluent and fair progress of election will be ensured by voting commission:

  • Ján Oravec
  • Varvara Muzovatova
  • Aleš Vlk

Voting commission will answer all questions or unclarities in regulations about the election and on 10.05.2021 will announce the final results of the election. Commission will also deal with any trouble in connection with the voting process. In a case of any suspictions that the elections were not valid, the commission has the right to cancel the elections. For the communication with voting commission use the email:

In Prague, 24.04.2021

Oleg Ostashchuk

Property inventory

The management of Masaryk dormitory would like to inform all students that during the October there will be physical inventories of property by an authorized employee of the dormitory. Please give access to the common areas of the rooms. At the same time, we kindly ask you for your helpfulness regarding the cleaning of common areas and rooms. Labels that need to be scanned can be found on every piece of furniture placed in the room, clothes on the chairs and mess in the rooms will not allow us to speed up the inventory.

The schedule of the inventories:

5.10.2020Monday5th floorred
6.10.2020Tuesday5th floorgreen + orange
7.10.2020Wednesday5th flooryellow + blue
8.10.2020Thursday4th floorred
9.10.2020Friday4th floorblue + yellow
12.10.2020Monday4th floorgreen + orange
13.10.2020Tuesday3rd floorred + blue + yellow
14.10.2020Wednesday3rd floorgreen + orange
15.10.2020Thursday2nd floorblue + red
16.10.2020Friday2nd floorgreen + orange

GYM is closed

Due to the extraordinary measure of the Ministry of Health of the Czech Republic and the Rector’s Order No. 16/2020, the GYM is closed until the further notice .