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Wi-Fi load

The actual wireless traffic going through our main router can be seen here.

Traffic wifi

Wireless availability

All students rooms should be now covered by WiFi. This connection will work for users which have registered their WiFi device in VLAN8 (WiFi). If you would like to use wifi, send us WiFi MAC addresses of devices you would like to use via email admin@mk.cvut.cz or come during office hours to our office (R504).
If you have any troubles with connection, contact us.

No TCP/IP settings needed, set to DHCP to the automatic. Then you should get IP from range or Default gateway should be or, and network mask or


Only these ports/protocols are allowed.

- icmp Internet Control Message Protocol (all types)
22 tcp SSH = Secure Shell
80 tcp HTTP = HyperText Transfer Protocol (web)
443 tcp HTTPS = HyperText Transfer Protocol Secure (ciphered web)
995 tcp POP3S = Post Office Protocol version 3 Secure (ciphered e-mail)
993 tcp IMAPS = Internet Message Access Protocol Seccure (ciphered e-mail)
53 tcp DNS = Domain Name Service
53 udp DNS = Domain Name Service


How will my IP address look like?
192.168.8.X, 192.168.9.X, 192.168.12.X, 192.168.13.X, 192.168.14.X, 192.168.15.X