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1. Basic terms

As a "user" is in this rules meant every single person, who is using a computer, terminal or any other device connected to the Masařka network. Under the term "computer network" or "network" is understood an overview of technical and software information technology medium which are needed to connect users. "Legal software" is software acquired in understanding with the law, including the copyright law. The term "information technology" is used to mark a computer network medium of information technology in this rules including its software equipment. As a „membership suspension” is meant Internet and reservation system disconnection.

2. Network administration

Computer network Masařka is hierarchically arranged distributed network of interconnected computers. Network Masařka as a sum is included in the superior network of CTU (Czech Technical University).

Network Masařka is administrated by the Masařka club members and its chairman establishes administrators of computer network Masařka. Masařka club provides complete functionality of the network, gets a record its users and can monitor the network traffic as necessary. The network monitoring purpose is to optimize its operation, to locate abnormal conditions and to prevent against them. And also to uncover breaking this rules.

Administrator of Masařka network keeps a list of all users in Masařka network and in defined intervals hands over this evidence to the administrator of the CTU computer network. He is duty to assure, that every user from one domain has been arguably familiarized with the rules of proper use of CTU network and to agree in writing, that he knows these rules and will abide with it.

3. Users duty

Every user have to agree in writing before his connecting to the network, that he knows and will abide the rules of Masařka network.

User can use information technology only in accordance with academic function of CTU networks. There is forbidden to use CTU (Masařka) network to other juridical persons or even make it possible to provide the connection without rector’s permission.

User works with information technology only with username, which has been assigned to him and also chooses the password carefully and keeps it in secret to prevent misusing of his account. User is completely responsible for the damage caused by misuse of his network account owing to lack handling with password.

Access rights of every user are given by his “username”. User can’t try to get other access rights or privileged state which hasn’t been assigned to him. He can't try to get an access to the protected informations and other user's data. If the user gains privileged state or access rights due to any cause (including hardware failure or system error), which don't belong him, he is forced to tell this fact to any of Masařka club administrators.

User is not allowed to do modifications in the information technologies, which could affect the network functioning. This operations are reserved for club administrators.

User isn't allowed to pursue operations, which could hurt other users or inhibit proper usage of the academic network.

User isn’t allowed to use and to expand any illegal software or audio-visual materials which are proofed with copyright (author rights) without permission and not to copy or distribute parts of Operating System and installed software.

Every user accounts for informations, which has published in Masařka network. For the electronic mail and exposure of informations on computers applies the same ethic as for the classical mail. There is explicitly forbidden to use the Masařka network for spreading or distributing materials, which is in conflict with the rule, and to bother other users by sending chain letters on to randomly chosen addresses. There is forbidden to use any vulgarisms in the letters destined for more recipients.

If there is an Masařka user entering any other computer networks, he has to follow the rules, which applies to these networks..

User isn't allowed to spread informations which could discredit the Masařka club or even the CTU.

To the user, who would wittingly break these rules will be restricted or suspended any other access to the Masařka network for the time set by the club administrator.

Every user’s device connected to the network has to have an IP address that have been assigned to the device by a network administrator and has been put to the database.

Every user is allowed to have up to three registered devices connected to the network.

The user who will violate these rules will be punished by category of violations.


In the following list are the violations and the associated penalties:
●infected PC - disconnection till resolving the incident.
●abuse (suspected device) - disconnection tillresolving theincident
●abuse (torrents) - the first violation will be punished by disconnection for one week, the second one for two weeks and the third one for whole semester
●spam - the first violation will be punished by admonition, the second one for one week disconnection and the third one by disconnection for one semester
●manipulation with MK network devices - user will be punished by membership suspension
●sharing of Internet connection - the first violation will be punished by disconnection for two weeks and these condone for whole semester.

If case belongs to no category, the case will be solved individually.

User have a possibility to reduce the punishment by benefit work for the club. User can ask for that job through email: admin(at)mk.cvut.cz. The work last at least 3 hours and user has no demand for it.

5.Final provisions

These rules gains an effect to the day of its publication

Club Masařka is assigned for changing of network rules. Changes must be granted by board of Masařka Club.