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IPv6 info
IP addresses 2002
IPv6 IP test

IPv6 info

Informations about IPv6

IPv6 info:

Everybody has IPv6 address with 2001:718:2:0900/64 as prefix and another 64bits in standard way EUI64 (from MAC physical address).

Computer name is always the same as for IPv4, only domain is .ipv6.mk.cvut.cz instead .mk.cvut.cz.

Exceptions are only if somebody has registred more than 1 MAC address for one account (for desktop and laptop computer). Then for computer name "computer" has ipv6 name computer.ipv6.mk.cvut.cz for alphabetically first MAC then computer-1.ipv6.mk.cvut.cz then computer-2 and so on..

After you enable IPv6 in system, everything should be set up automaticaly, your IPv6 with right prefix from router advertisments and default route to kerberos as fe80::230:48ff:fe27:758a too.

IP addresses 2002

These adresses will show up because someone (often unaware) has "Shared internet connection" turned on in MS Windows. This way he also offers tunneled 6to4 adresses. You can get the IPv4 adress of this unfortunate fellow by converting eight digits after 2002 from hexadecimal. For example: 2002:9320:7201:... => 0x93=147, 0x20=32, 0x72=114, 0x01=01. When you visit the owner of this IP adress you will usually find Windows Vista or Windows XP Media Center.

Easiest way to fix this problem is to run command prompt as administrator (All Programs > Accessories > Command Prompt, right click and "Run as Administrator") and type in the following:

netsh int ipv6 6to4 set rout disable

The problem will be fixed instantly but assigned adresses will remain in effect until their validity period runs off or you remove them manually.


If the procedure shown above is not working for you you can try this one (not tested!):

netsh int ipv6 show int

Remember the index of interface which routes to MK network (4 or more)

netsh int ipv6 set int disabled disabled

This way you disable forwarding packets and advertising of routing range on the interface. Note: Program netsh can be run interactively, also has the built-in help.

IPv6 IP test

For testing your IPv6 connectivity you can use following sites: