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Kitchen Y305 (H374) - Admin: Anisa Mukhtarova

Kitchen Y405 (H474) - Admin: Elizaveta Tatrova

Kitchen Y505 (H575) - Admin: Martin Mocek

Kitchen 5. flor Kitchen 5. flor Kitchen 5. flor Kitchen 5. flor

Study room B405

WiFi connection is available in study room for members of Masarka student club. For using the WiFi you need to register your device. Visit R504 during office hours or write an email to admin@mk.cvut.cz.

Rules of study room

Studovna J490 Studovna J490 Studovna J490 Studovna J490 Studovna J490

Vacuum cleaner


BOSCH Professional GAS 15 Kärcher MV2
Oleg Ostashchuk Yekaterina Tkach



There is no storeroom provider living on dormitory during summer if you need acces to store room, try to email to sklady@mk.cvut.cz. Somebody will contact you if it is possible to help you.

Does it look unfair for you? Do you have time ? Then become a store provider ! and help others in need.


To borrow an grill you make a reservation. Next, you need permission from the dormitory manager Mr. Abraham (room orange 214).

Before going for permission you have to fill this form and take it with you.

Please note that you must have your own charcoal. Masaryk Dormitory provides only barbecue area and gril.

Gril Gril Gril

Music and multimedia room

Room: B505

To enter the room you must make reservation in the reservation system www.mk.cvut.cz/en/rezervace. In the time of reservation you get chip card to enter the room at the reception Masaryk dormitory. If you want to use multimedia area of this room, ask also for remote controls from projector and speakers. Prepare a refundable deposit of 200 CZK for renting the card. Please, come with 200 CZK exactly.

multimedia room B505music room B505

Individual Study room

Individual Study room R426

Room administrator: Varvara Muzovatova

study room R426