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Body building
Table tennis
Bike room and pump

Body building

Room rules in pdf

Reservation of room have to be booked in reservation systém. Maximum 6 persons can be together in the room for body building. There are 6 cards for the disposal  - it means for one card is possible entering 1 person. For safety reason minimum 2 persons have to be there.

You can train in the room no. O504 (H539). Administrator of this room is: Aleš Vlk

Here are some photos.

... more photos at gallery of Masařka club

Table tennis


table tennis R605

Room: R605
Room administrator: Vladimír Vlčák


Room: B210
Room administrator: Nikola Šťastná

Gym can be used on the pre-reservation in the times when there are no other program (aerobics, zumba).

There is a boxing bag, Hi-Fi, treadmill, ropes and mats for exercise available for use in the gym.

Because of the expensive equipment and frequent incidents, room is monitored by CCTV.

gym B210

Bike room and pump

If you are interested in using the storage, you have to visit Mr. Kvasnice on room S241 and bring with you 250CZK. You can come every week-day from 8am to 2pm. If you will leave the dormitory you are obliged to return your key back.