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kolej ext. Masarykova dormitory
Thákurova 1,160 00 Praha 6
IČP: 1001240235
Phone.: +420 234 678 600
E-mail: mkrezervace@suz.cvut.cz

Office hours of accommodation section

Openning hours of accommodation section office S237 (orange 208 ) are:

Po – Čt 8.00 - 10.00 13.00-15.00
8.00 - 10.00 13.00-14.00

Managment contacts

Head of Dormitory:

Ing. Miroslav Abrahám
Tel.: +420 234 678 470
E-Mail: miroslav.abraham@cvut.cz


Hotel and students:

Vladimíra Příhodová
E-Mail: mkrezervace@suz.cvut.cz


Head of gastronomic section:

Adéla Váňová
E-Mail: mkgastro@suz.cvut.cz

College dues

Ways for college dues payment.

You can pay dormitory in several ways:

  • Money transfer order (permanent or one-shot) from checking account or budget account. Conversion of funds can take a few days so pay in ample time. Conversion of funds from Komercni banka usually takes two days, from other banks it takes sometimes even week.
  • Buy down in bank (Komercni banka, IPB, CSOB...). Receipt of payment can take sometime so rather pay in ample time (about two days ago), for beg problems with pertinent late payment.
  • Buy down in SUZ CVUT office or you can pay dormitory on reception desk.

These kinds of payments you can soever combine. It is not possible to pay by cheque.
If you will pay dormitory by transfer order, is necessary to fill up these data:

  • Account number: 27-4082130287/0100 (Komercni banka, Praha 6)
  • Constant symbol: 308
  • Variable symbol: Full personal identification number - it means number of ten digits without slash. If you haven't personal identification number, is necessary fill number of client card from students evidence. This number will tell you operating division or matron of MK.

If you will fill wrong data, nobody will not to know from who is payment -> delinquent taxes.
Students in the first year at coming are obliged to show evidence about college dues. About transacted payments of college dues and about balance can give notice matron of MK. Pertinent discrepancies in payments solve accommodation section SUZ - Strahov block 1. office n. 23.


Prices are valid from 17.7.2013
More Information at the front desk, tel.: 234 678 600

students and employees of CVUTlong-term rentothers
month year month year day
Covered parking 400,- 4 000,-

Not covered parking 300,- 3 000,-


Prices are shown for car in Kč.

For Bus the price is x3. For Motorbike the price is x0,5.

Phone numbers

Front Desk:

Tel.: +420 234 678 600


tel. internal: 1115


There is a TV connector on every room with 7 channels, You can use a network stream - you can find the detailed description at Stream TV. There is also radio connector on every room and connection to the radio antene.


Masarykova kolej
Thákurova 1
160 00 Praha 6

Post service

Incoming mail can be acquired from the box at the front desk. (Dormitory address)

Technical department

Any failures are report to the maintenance on the ground floor opposite to the reception desk and write to the book defects.

Bedclothes changing

room: on the left side of the hall, next to the dining hall entrance

Bed clothes changing is available only in even week (by calendar) in following days / hours

8:00 - 9:00
Wednesday 11:30 - 13:00